Energy Shield Collection
Energy Shield Collection

Energy Shield Collection

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Energy Shield Sage Spray- Created locally- by a small women owned business- Maitriverde. It's wonderful for clearing energy in a room. Having a rough moment... spray it on your self while setting an intention. 

Crystal's can also take on energy. You can effectively use the Energy Shield Aromatherapy Mist to energetically cleanse your crystals. Simply spray the mist over the crystals while affirming, "I energetically cleanse this crystal." Allow the purifying essence of the mist to envelop the crystals, revitalizing their energy and restoring their natural vibrancy.

Black Onyx Bracelet: 

  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Inner Strength

Recommended to wear it on your right wrist- to help channel unwanted energies out of your body.  

This Collection includes: 

Energy Shield Aromatherapy Mist 4oz. + Black Onyx Bracelet

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