Liquid Sage Spray
Liquid Sage Spray
Liquid Sage Spray

Liquid Sage Spray

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These specially crafted Aromatherapy Mists provide a versatile solution for instant energy revitalization and space purification. Simply spray above your head and around your space to cleanse and uplift the atmosphere.

Energy Shield spray: 4oz 

Infused with a blend of White Sage hydrosol and an array of crystal chips including amethyst and black tourmaline, it effectively clears both negative energy and revitalizes crystals. Crafted with sustainable ingredients. Crystal's can also take on energy. You can effectively use the Energy Shield Aromatherapy Mist to energetically cleanse your crystals.

  • Cleanse crystals 
  • Energetically cleanse room 
  • Spray on yourself to refresh your mood 

Self Love spray:  4oz 

Creating more self love in our lives is the foundation for calling in more love. We are the foundation of the type of love we want to attract. This spray brings in multiple senses to really let our self love sink in. When you spray it over your head while saying affirmation in mirror " I love you."  We smell, feel mist hit our skin, see ourself in the mirror and hear our voice saying I love you. This holds immense power to create more self love in ourselves. The foundation for a happier, healthier life. Love is a powerful healer. 

  • self love 
  • compassion
  • grace
  • calming 

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